Youth exchanges

Through the realization of intercultural exchanges, by and for young people, we invite you to join our "intercultural exchange" team in order to set up an Erasmus+ or North-South exchange, from its realization to its completion. You certainly have some further inquiries ? 


What is an intercultural exchange?

 An intercultural exchange is a stay that brings together young people, from 13 to 30 years old, from several countries, around a common theme, with the following goals :

  • To deal with, discuss and learn about the chosen thematic ;
  • To allow all participants to discover other cultures ;
  • To concretize a project together ;
  • To exchange, compare and achieve a common goal together

During an exchange that takes place in Belgium or abroad, for a period that varies between 5 to 10 days ( travel time not considered). 

It's nice, but briefly, what does it bring to me, the participant?

Supported and advised by our team, each participant will be a key actor of a project that you will have designed, thought, created, written and realized with all the participants !

To develop new skills, to meet new cultures, to exchange on a civic theme, to create a sustainable tool allowing to spread the experience of this exchange lived by the participants, to travel, to discover, to share, ...


Goupil world Bags

To invest in such a project, makes you, also, enter in a C.R.A.C.S. approach (Citizen, Responsible, Active, Critical and Solidary)

What about La Grange Verte ?

La Grange wishes to make you enter in a citizen approach !

As a solidarity association, La Grange aims by its educational project to form C.R.A.C.S. : Citizens, Responsible, Active, Critical and Solidary.

To work around the 17 S.D.G. (Sustainable Development Goals) Solidarity for a fairer,and more sustainable world.

All this while making it accessible to all, regardless of their budget, because it is mostly financed  by the Erasmus+ program or North-South exchange!

La Grange, with its expertise , gives itself for missions to accompany you as well as possible in these steps, in order to carry out the project which you will have designed, with following propositions:

  • A place  to meet ! (one per region) ;
  • An accompaniment in the writing of the file and in the request for subsidies ;

A partner accommodation for "hosting the participants" ;

The setting in relation with other ASBLs or NGOs ;

An environment to support discovery,sharing,fun, ...  


We will accompany you during each of the following steps :

  • Before the stay :
    • In the group creation ;
    • In the search for partners ;
    • In the search for an infrastructure ;
    • In the evaluation, step by step, of the project ;
    • In setting up a budget ;
    • In the search for subsidies ;
    • In writing an Erasmus+ or North-South exchange project ;
  • During the stay :
    • In the animation of the different workshops ;
    • In the meal management ;
    • In the intervention and/or management of the group life ;
    • In the transport of people or material ;
    • In supporting the realization of your project ;
    • In the follow-up of the evaluation of the stay ;
  • After the stay :
    • In the follow-up afterwards with the participants, the impacts on them ;
    • In the continuity of the project ;
    • In the writing of the feedback of the project ;

For further information you can contact us by email at :

Let's go "green" together tomorrow.